Here are answers to your frequently asked questions.

Why are you having your wedding in Gardiner?
This is where our relationship started. We have grown to love many things about this area such as the climbing, biking, hiking, food and natural beauty of this part of the Hudson Valley.

Should I bring a wedding gift?
No gifts are necessary. Your gift to us will be your presence over the weekend.

What should I wear to the wedding ceremony on Sunday?
The ceremony will be informal. Feel free to wear casual, comfortable clothing.

This is an outdoor wedding. What if it rains?
The wedding will take place under a tent if it rains. The Inn at the Ridge also has a 60 foot covered porch. Please check the weather forecast a couple of days before the wedding. You may consider packing rain gear, umbrella, etc.

Will there be vegetarian meal options?
Yes, both the Mountain House lunch and wedding day brunch will include many meatless options.

Can I take part in the hike to the Skytop and not eat lunch at the Mountain House?
Yes, if you wish not to eat at the Mountain House, just let us know and we will reserve a grounds pass only for you, which will not include the meal.

Are there additional options for accommodations?
Yes, let us know and we will be happy to provide additional choices for nearby lodging, including hotels, B&Bs, and camping.

Is there easier way to hike up to the skytop?
Yes, there is a walking path that can be used.

Do we need to RSVP?
Yes, please let us know ASAP preferably by late May or early June. We need to know how many Mountain House day passes to reserve in advance.

What are the Park fees?
  • Mohonk Preserve daily fee per Adult is $12 run/hike; $17 run/hike, bike, rock climb; children 12 and under are free.
  • Minnewaska State park parking fee is $8 per car.